GGuardian APK Free Download for Android [#Latest & Updated]

GGuardian is one of the best hacking app available for Android devices with root access. Game Guardian can change the value of any Android app or game in the nick of time. GGuardian is a free Android value changer tool. Hence the application is not available on Google Play Store. You’ll get the latest and updated version of GGuardian APK file below with an installation guide.


GGuardian is the perfect alternative of SB Game Hacker, Game Killer, etc. applications. To run a successful operation, Game Guardian needs the root access. If your device doesn’t have root access, you won’t be able to use the app on your device.

I have successfully tested GGuardian app on hundreds of games, and it worked fine with the games like- Angry Birds 2, Traffic Rider, CafeRacer, Time Locker, etc. There is 99% chance of working the app on the games that can play offline.

GGuardian: Use of Game Guardian

Game Guardian is one of the best Android hacking apps available for your device. Below you’ll come to know about the features of the application.

Need Root Acces
It works for almost all of the offline Android games
As well as the games, you can also change the value of apps
GGuardian is free to download and use
It’s advertisement free
Work seamlessly
GGuardian APK Download [Latest and Updated Version] Game Guardian – v8.26.0

Below I have added the direct download link of GGuardian latest APK file. The current version of added GGuardian app. The download link for the application has given below, and you can directly download the Game Guardian APK file by clicking on the link. We got the GGuardian APK file from the official Game Guardian website and to make it easy to accessible for you, we have added it here.

Game Guardian also supports on Android 7.0 Nougat including the previous versions of Android. 6.0, 4.4, etc. The app needs root access to work on Android.

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